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water purifier

Pureal Water Purifier is PnP Tankless countertop version with slim & compact design without tank. So it has space efficiency at any place. It also has new Nano technology in the filter and sanitary & easy filter replacement system. It is no need electricity, so there is no noise during working.

  • Features

  • Optimum filter solution

  • No water leakage

  • Tankless

  • Compact & Slim design

  • Easy filter replacement system

  • Exchangeable tap

  • No electricity & No noise

  • Specification

  • Max. Working Pressure : 125psi(8.6bar)

  • Max. Operating Temperature : 100ºF(38ºC)

  • Service Flow Rate : 0.5gpm(1.9lpm)

  • Available Capacity : 2,500gallons(9,462liters)

Powerful  3 Filters  6 – Stage Filtration System

  • Maximized filtration performance with 6 stage filtration media in 3 filters  

  • Proved safety material used (NSF, WQA)  

  • Nano filtration employed

  • Nano silver was added in All filtration media, so that it has strong antibacterial performance

  • It can removes small particles, turbidity , residual chlorine and chloroform. On top of that  it  also can remove Bacteria, Virus and some heavy metal

  • Easy to clean a tap

  • Sanitary use

  • Detachable tray

  • To allow different type of water container

  • Simple and Slim design

  • Space efficiency

  • No electricity required

  • Silent use

  • Eco friendly water treatment system